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. The Voliro Omniorientational Hexacopter: An Agile and Maneuverable Tiltable-Rotor Aerial Vehicle. In RAM, 2018.

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. ShadowCam: Real-Time Detection of Moving Obstacles behind a Corner for Autonomous Vehicles. In ITSC, 2018.


. LandmarkBoost: Efficient Visual Context Classifiers for Robust Localization. In IROS, 2018.


. Why and How to Avoid the Flipped Quaternion Multiplication. In Aerospace, 2018.

. Free LSD: Prior-Free Visual Landing Site Detection for Autonomous Planes. In RA-L, 2018.

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. Incremental Segment-Based Localization in 3D Point Clouds. In RA-L, 2018.


. maplab: An Open Framework for Research in Visual-inertial Mapping and Localization. In RA-L, 2018.

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. Map Management for Efficient Long-Term Visual Localization in Outdoor Environments. In IV, 2018.


. Sampling-Based Approximation Algorithms for Reachability Analysis with Provable Guarantees. In RSS, 2018.


. Inferring Pedestrian Motions at Urban Crosswalks. In T-ITS (accepted), 2018.



Autonomous Driving

The Toyota-CSAIL Joint Research Center is aimed at furthering the development of autonomous vehicle technologies.


The goal of ETH’s Voliro focus project was building a new hexacopter with unprecedented maneuverability.


The EU FP7 SHERPA project aimed at developing a multi-robot platform to support search and rescue activities.


I have been involved in different aspects of student supervision and teaching. Major teaching activities involve the following lectures

Furthermore, I was working as student tutor while studying mathematics responsible for holding exercise courses and correcting homework exercises and tests for the lectures

  • Mathematical Finance
  • Biostatistics
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • C Programming
  • Mathematics on the Computer
  • Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry